The Activator adjusting instrument is a hand-held, spring-loaded mechanical instrument used in the Activator Method. It is used by chiropractors for delivering low-force, quick impulses at various points in the body.

Treatments involving an Activator adjusting instrument offer two advantages:

  • Limited force: The amount of force used in the treatment is localized and controlled. It is a gentle method of chiropractic care where the joint is not put in possibly compromised positions like twisting or bending to prevent complications.
  • Quick Impulse: Since it’s a fast-acting instrument, the muscles of the body do not tense up as much or offer resistance against the device. The treatment is more effective as muscle resistance is not a factor here.

There are several new Activator adjusting chiropractic instruments that work just like their older counterparts. Instead of relying on a spring-loaded mechanism, the newer models have cordless and electric features.

Evaluation of leg lenght in the Activator Adjusting Method

The Activator Method of Chiropractic can include an evaluation of your leg length. The theory behind this assessment is that leg length differences can help indicate any pelvic and/or spinal misalignments. Keep in mind that this evaluation is not accepted everywhere due to the absence of adequate clinical evidence that supports this approach.

An Activator Method chiropractor may choose not to carry out an evaluation of the apparent differences in leg length. Instead, many chiropractors use conventional physical examination methods like the static and motion palpitation of the spinal region, which can zero in on the location for the application of the Activator adjustment. The Activator adjustment is relatively safe and has no side effects, provided it is carried out by a competent health professional trained to treat neck or back pain issues.

What to Expect?

A general treatment routine involves the patient lying on the chiropractor’s adjustment table face down. The lower back region is targeted first in the treatment, with the focus slowing progressing towards the head, followed by the targeting of various vertebral segments one after the other.

The patient will be evaluated by the chiropractor to detect symptoms and signs that can help identify the various spinal joints or extremities responsible for the pain. The Activator instrument is then used to treat this condition.

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